“It was unbelievably simple.”
“My overall impression is that the educational start up time is as quick as anything I have ever seen.”
“I was up and running in 15 minutes and able to generate a fast paced note. The ability to create a note is much faster than the system I have been using for 2 years, and I thought I was pretty good at that!”
“Much more intuitive and much easier to adapt to your practice than what I am using now or anything I have seen.”

Carrington Mason, DO - Urology
Dallas, Texas

“It’s just a lot easier to document with your finger than a pen, and with Dragon Medical you can dictate right into the application.”

Simon Forster, DC - Chiropractic
Austin, Texas

“OneTouch EMR is a revolutionary product designed by a physician for physicians. OneTouch is intuitive and very easy to use. OneTouch is allowing me to transition my office to 100% electronic medical records seamlessly. The support staff is great. They have been very responsive to suggestions and concerns. They are personable and attentive. I have been using a hybrid EMR for the past 10 years and there is no comparison to OneTouch EMR.”

Howard Anderson, MD - Internal Medicine
Dallas, Texas

“OneTouch does not disrupt our workflow . It is very simple, intuitive, and fast allowing me to quickly document my encounter face-to-face with my patients”

Narinder K. Monga, MD - Colorectal Surgery
Dallas, Texas

"I've used 3 EMRs in the past - including eClinical Works and Clear Practice, and One Touch is truly heads-and-shoulders above the rest.

I'm able to customize it to the way I practice medicine instead of the other way around!"

Simon Tan, MD - Neurology
Grapevine, Texas

"OneTouch EMR is so easy to use and allows me to be mobile and provide better continuity of care through the entire process: Acute Care [hospitals], Long Term Acute Care [LTAC], Nursing Home and Rehab."

Keith Rigsby, MD - Internal Medicine/Hospitalist Medicine
Mansfield, Texas

"I converted from eClinicalWorks, and One Touch now allows me to document my visits much faster than my old system. It's extremely flexible, and customizable and support is outstanding - I give them 5 stars!

It's truly amazing! I can even check the EMR messages using my iPhone."

Ronald Lester, MD - Internal Medicine/Hospitalist Medicine
Grapevine, Texas

"I really enjoy using the system for my Hospital/Nursing Home visits, allowing me to quickly access my patient's records at any time"

Samuel Mitz, MD - Internal Medicine/Hospitalist Medicine
Ennis, Texas